Yelp Turns 10, So Here Are Some Crazy One-Star Reviews of the Country's Best Restaurants

Yelp Turns 10, So Here Are Some Crazy One-Star Reviews of the Country's Best Restaurants


Conceived after company CEO Jeremy Stoppelman had a cold and needed a good doctor recommendation, Yelp, the controversial and wildly successful review site that's changed the playing field when it comes to customer critiques, turns 10 this year.

While the company's famous five-star ranking system has come under fire over the years—many restaurateurs have hurled claims of blackmail and extortion toward Yelpers—the reviews themselves often make for enjoyable, hilarious reads.

For your entertainment, here are several one-star reviews of Michelin three-star restaurants. Each review, of course, should be taken with a fistful of salt.

The French Laundry, Yountville:

"I'll be concise and sum up this review in one word - 'Yuck!'  This place is the absolute epitome of pretentious garbage. Expensive, nasty, and wimpy portions. My hotel concierge told me I couldn't wear regular clothes here either - what gives? I literally vomited after eating here, almost on the front steps as I was leaving, but luckily, I was able to duck behind a bush along the side of the restaurant. French Laundry is actually a fitting name, because the food tastes and smells like dirty laundry.

"Save yourselves hundreds of dollars and go somewhere else.  I am doing you all a big favor with this free advice!!!" - Brad T.

The Restaurant at Meadowood, St. Helena: 

"The worst thing about the service was that the waiter eavesdropped on the conversation I was having with my husband and commented about what I had said. I thought that this was REALLY RUDE and it made me feel awkward and uncomfortable and self conscious throughout my meal, which really spoilt my meal." - Sha B.

Alinea, Chicago:

"I think Alinea and Next can stick there   tickets up there butt. They charge a mortgage payment for the privilege to eat in hyped up restaurants that are overrated. Suggestion to owner, get over yourself." - Martin L.

Per Se, New York: 

"Yo, WTF!. This place didn't even have chicken nuggets. Why does everyone like it so much!?! And WTF is Creme Fraiche anyway? I can't dip french fries in that!" - Ariel B

Masa, New York:

"This is the most expensive & worst place I've ever eaten in. Ridiculous. Pls skip. It's pompous, unless you enjoy having the chef tell you what to eat. Save your money and time." - Michael B.

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