You Only Want Me When I Get Over You, Fleetwood Mac.


Seems like only yesterday that we were extolled to don’t stop thinking about tomorrow. Hey Fleetwood Mac, yesterday’s gone (yesterday’s gone) – as you well know. Still you insist on lookin’ back.

Fleetwood Mac, the band that barely survived the Seventies, is touring all around and hits down in Oakland next week (Oakland Arena, May 20).

The so-called “Unleashed” tour promises to include “all” of the bands greatest hits. I know I’m hopelessly un-cool – the band, for all its talent, scandals and drugs was never edgy or hip, perhaps because itt saturated the airwaves like nobody’s business -- but I still think the music has undeniable listenability.

It wasn’t really there fault that Bill Clinton knocked any shred of cool right out of Fleetwood Mac in the early ‘90s when he made “Don’t Stop” his campaign ditty. More to blame was the emergent airy-fairy, goddessy persona that Stevie Nicks adopted, waving her gauzy shawls all over the MTV.

Also a little lame is the fact that their website is now referring to the band as “The Mac.

But none of that can take away the perfection that was “Rumours”, an album that was written in the throes of, like 6 different break-ups between band-mates. The 1977 album, (which made the best selling album of all time list and was ranked #25 in Rolling Stone Magazine list of the 500 greatest albums of all time) is scheduled to be re-released as part of a special CD/DVD boxed set on Reprise Records in conjunction with the tour dates. The boxed set will include previously unreleased tracks recorded during the making of Rumours as well as a DVD component with never before seen footage of the band.

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