Yves Behar's Stunning Alchemy Lounge Takes Milan


We're always proud to claim design luminary Yves Behar as San Francisco's own, and the curly-haired superstar has outdone himself once again: Just feast your eyes upon his futuristic design for the Alchemy Lounge, a pop-up cocktail bar at Milan's Teatro Versace.

Designed to toast the launch of SodaStream MIX (the sequel to the popular water-carbonating gadget from Behar's fuseproject), at the annual Salone del Mobile festival, the Alchemy Lounge is an intoxicating architectural marvel that Behar says speaks to the future of the bar—discussions on this very topic are being held inside the space this week. 

Our friends at fuseproject say that, "Like an inverted diamond, the symmetric bar draws from themes of tradition and familiarity, and transports them into the future...and sits like a futuristic mixology laboratory in a room completely surrounded with mirrors." Mesmerizing, non?

But, of course, a bar isn't a bar without serving drinks, and fuseproject is shaking things up with its new SodaStream MIX, of course. The just-unveiled, yet-to-be-released gadget claims it can carbonate any beverage, from coffee to martinis. And while we're still trying to figure out why anyone would want a fizzy manhattan, the MIX does sound kinda cool. Sparkling cocktails being poured at Alchemy Lounge this week include an Aperol Spritz (Aperol, chardonnay, water) and the Berlin Donkey (gin, lychee, banana puree, lime, and wheat beer).

To pull up a chair at this glamorous watering hole, you'd need to be in Milan...today, before the festival closes. But sources here at home tell us the bar, made of copper, plywood, steel rods and mylar, was built to travel, teasing, "A San Francisco trip is definitely a possibility!"

Dear Mr. Behar, please bring the Alchemy Lounge to SF. Drinks are on us.

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