We have a sweet spot for French electronic, pop, and hip-hop. And Phoenix, some of our favorite Frenchies, have climbed the ranks quite quickly over the last year. Even though they've been around nearly a decade (their first album debuted in 2000) there's something about Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix that has people's tongues wagging all over town. Just six short months ago we paid equivalent to $30 to see Phoenix. Maybe it's the Cadillac commercial, maybe it's the SNL stint or maybe it's just the sheer delight of this deliciously perfect pop album, but how did ticket prices to see them jump ten-fold in half a year? Prices for tomorrow night's Fillmore show vary from $179-219 on Live Nation, and we've even see a few peak up to somewhere in the $300 range on Craigslist. Yikes. If you were lucky enough to snag tickets, enjoy the show! The hype machine will definitely make for an energized crowd. Save us a Fillmore poster.