We love supporting San Francisco businesses and we love good deals. So we're teaming up with cool local company Joffer to offer 7 days of killer deals to some of our favorite local San Francisco businesses. From now until Friday, March 5, check back here to cash in.

So without further ado, here's Deal #3

Mmmm...beer. We love ourselves a pint (or three) at Magnolia Pub & Brewery on Haight. Our favorite? The Blue Bell Bitter, which has graced both our 2009 and 2010 Big Eat lists. Which, if you didn't know, means we're recommending you try it before you die. Yeah, serious. Also of note is their rockin' hangover breakfast, their home-made sausages and the fact that they serve food until 1 am Mon-Thurs. (Check out all of SF's A+ late night dining options here)

Cash in on this lovely Monday deal and get a $40 gift certificate to Magnolia for $20. That's half-off, people. On good beer. Get on it.