7 Gift-Inspired DIY Projects From Britex Fabrics


Have an itch to gift from the heart this holiday season? San Francisco institution Britex Fabrics has seven suggestions for DIY projects that will make you a proud gift-giver. 

1. Flapper Head Band

Using only a needle and thread, this easy flapper-inspired headband will transform you into a glamour girl or guy in no time at all. It makes a perfect gift for a party-loving friend to rock during their holiday shenanigans.

2. Designer-Inspired Silk Tassel Scarf
Silk is one of those fibers that's good year around – warm during the winter and cool in the summer. Britex's Guest blogger Jen put together this tutorial for making an expensive-looking silk scarf with tiny handmade tassels. Mix it up with different silk patterns and tassel colors, and you've got unlimited options. 

3. Take Your Pick Tees (Scoop Top & Oversized Tee)
The Scoop Top by Guest Blogger Kristin is a super easy 3-piece t-shirt pattern with optional pockets that's great for beginners. The second option is the Oversized Tee by Guest Blogger Jen which wins high points for major comfort. Make it out of Britex's tissue knits for a professional finish. 

4. Magnetic Alpha Letters 

Have a major love for fibers and textiles but not so into sewing? This simple (aka no-sew) project is a great excuse to pick out fabulous materials and can be finished in less than an hour. 

5. Mini Wall Planters

We love the idea of crafting a burlap mini wall planter, and then packing it with a live succulent to gift to our green thumbed friends. 

6. Dreamy Bow Ties 

Britex told us that over the years they've received tons of requests for traditional bow tie patterns, and this one's their favorite. It's a classic shape, but using a dreamy pattern will make the finished project feel totally fresh. And along with fabulous bow tie-worthy fabric, Britex now carries all the bow tie hardware you'll need too.

7. Mitered Corner Napkins
Often, casual napkins have a narrow hem and little mitered corners and special occasion napkins sport a wider hem and traditional sewn miter corners. This tutorial by Guest Blogger Nicole shows you how to make both! Insider's note: Nicole chose a linen fabric to coordinate with a set of German breakfast dishes handed down to her by her grandmother. 


About Britex Fabrics:
Since the 1950's, Britex Fabrics has been a go-to for home-sewers and designers. Today it is a hub for designers and do-it-yourselfers throughout the globe as its online community grows. With a careful blend of innovation and tradition, Britex features textiles from up-and-coming designers and fashion icons such as Armani, Missoni, Proenza Schouler, Roberto Cavalli and many others...as well as all the accessories required for almost any sewing project.

 Did you know Britex has been family owned since 1952? Not only that – it's 100% woman owned!

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