7 Questions with Wall-E Director Andrew Stanton


Andrew Stanton is the man behind Wall-E, the animated apocalyptic tale about the last robot on earth. From the Oscar-winning director who also brought us Finding Nemo, in my opinion, this is his most brilliant work yet. I recently met up with Stanton at Pixar headquarters for another exciting installment of Seven Questions.

What do you hope audience members will take from Wall-E?
Andrew Stanton: I hope they are just as entertained as with other Pixar movie experiences but in a fresh, new way.

As an employee at Pixar, what are the perks of the job?
AS: Free cereal.

Which album would you take to a deserted island?
AS: Thomas Dolby, Flat Earth.

What cartoon changed your life?
AS: Hello Kitty. It's by Mark Anthony, and it’s a Warner Brothers cartoon about a bulldog that finds a little kitten.

What would you herald as your greatest achievement?
AS: My kids.

What has been your most treasured Pixar momento?
AS: It would be a model of “Mr. Spell” that we used in Toy Story when Woody has to give a little speech and Tom Hanks signed it: "Thank you Mr. Spell".

LM: What are your words to live by?
AS: Don't steal.

LM: At your last supper, who would your two guests be and what would you want to eat?
AS: David Lean and Peter O' Toole, and I would eat fried clams because it’s my favorite food.

LM: Peter O’ Toole does not like fried clams.
AS: Well, more for me.

LM: A right royal treat. Thank you Andrew. Now hug me.
AS: No Liam. That's creepy

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