7 Things Janelle Loevner, Owner of Anthem, Can’t Live Without


Janelle Loevner, owner of the new luxury home boutique Anthem, on posh Sacramento Street, dishes with us on the seven items the former residential architect and Pac Heights resident just can’t live without.


1. The Affagoto dessert at Jackson Fillmore Trattoria. “It's over the top with flavor...vanilla bean gelato, a shot of espresso and whipped cream. Simple and heavenly and I treat myself to one every few weeks!”


Cashmere wraps from Rani Arabella Cashmere. “They are a super fine weight and have beautiful patterns that are so special. You are an instant classic by just throwing one on.”

3. Chez M'lain linens. “Exquisite super luxurious linens with handmade crochet and embroidery detail. They are so special; they look like a wedding cake or something that's been passed down for generations.”


Metals of all sorts. “Pewter for its soft rich patina, sterling because of its luster and shine, real bronze for its weight and those golden undertones, stainless steel for its clean reflective qualities. I mix all metals, all the time. In lighting, in hardware for doors and windows, on your tabletop - everywhere. I think they are natural and real and need to be celebrated visually.”


My golden retriever/black lab mix Jake. “He keeps plugging along at 14 because he loves life. Never has there been a creature that wakes up that happy! Happy to be alive and smell the air and enjoy his breakfast. He reminds me that it's about the simple pleasures and to be grateful for my youth and my health.”


Monica Rich Kosann Sterling heirloom keepsakes. “She makes frames, cases and lockets reinterpreted from Italian antique molds. They can be monogrammed in your own personal handwriting or that of your child to commemorate a special event. I want to collect them all!”


The Parisian Flea Market (Les Puces). “It's an inspirational overload! I always come away feeling renewed and excited about life.”



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