A Bag for the Guys: WaterField Designs Manly Digital Gear


Here’s a find—a local bag company that caters to men!  Check out WaterField Designs’ line of bags and cases whose primary purpose is to protect and carry your favorite digital gear. The clean lines, quality material, and minimalist design have a classy, manly look.

The company targets the under-served market for men and their digital toys, a segment well-understood by Gary Waterfield, the company's founder. Growing up in Silicon Valley and now living in San Francisco, he has been surrounded with entrepreneurs and guys whose passions combine work with play. An avid cyclist early in life and an amateur racer, his experience as a Boston bike messenger and general manager of a mountain bike company shaped how he designs and runs his company today:

  • Never cut corners
  • Use the highest quality components available
  • Treat people with respect

Produced here in San Francisco, WaterField Designs products have die-hard fans around the globe. Their Facebook page features photos from far-flung countries submitted by customers proudly showcasing their bags. The Muzetto and Indy leather over-the-shoulder bags are popular in US, Asia and Europe. The Cargo and Cozmo briefcases add a decidedly bold look to the office landscape.  And, WaterField Designs’ newly-introduced Staad BackPack grants any man a sophisticated fashion makeover miles beyond his conventional backpack.

WaterField Designs, has been around for 15 years having weathered the dotcom boom, bust and resurgence. You’ve probably never heard of them because they still do business the old-fashion way—focusing on making quality products and providing great customer service. For sales and marketing, they rely on word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied customers. Customers who eventually do find them, discover a portfolio of well-made, long-lasting products that work and play as hard as they do. 


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