A Once-in-a-Lifetime Wedding in the Maritime Room at the Argonaut Hotel


Gabrielle Medina and Sophana Tann's story started when they were little kids. The Medina family moved into the Tanns' building, and the two families became next-door neighbors. As a child, Sophana played with the Medina boys, and one day they invited Sophana into their house–that's when Gabrielle and he first met.

Initially, they were just friendly neighbors, but as time passed, Sophana started to develop true feelings for Gabrielle. He couldn't tell at the time if she felt the same way, but everyone joked that they would be together when they got older.

Eventually Gabrielle's family moved to Sacramento. Years passed by and there was no contact between them. Then Sophana found out that Gabrielle's family had moved back to San Francisco. They ran into each other one day and  Sophana was at a loss for words, all he could say was "Hello."

Some time went by, and the two began dating. After five years, Sophana knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Gabrielle. He popped the question, and she said yes. They discussed their wedding venue for months, yet from one place to the next, the couple never saw a venue they loved until they stumbled across the Argonaut Hotel online, and spotted the hotel's Maritime Room. However, falling in love and being able to afford a gorgeous wedding to match are two separate things. After discussing it, Sophana and Gabrielle still weren't sure–but they couldn't get the Maritime Room out of their heads. Finally, they faced the facts; they looked at each other and said "Let’s go with the Argonaut Hotel. This is once in a lifetime. We'll make it work!" They got married on August 17th, 2012 – the best day of their lives–thanks to the incredible staff at the Argonaut Hotel, who helped their dream day become a reality.

Venue – Argonaut Hotel (Jordan Nimura, David McNerney & Kristin McDonald)
Photographer – Paul Benjamin from “PKG Visions Photography”
DJ & Lighting – Chris Miguel and Scotty Fox from “Spintronix”
Florals – And Added Touch, Carol Antraccoli
Photo Booth – DJ.com, Mark Addington
Wedding Cake – Creative Pastries International, Mary Michler
Hair & Make Up – Lela Nguyen Makeup and Hair design
Chairs – Especially Yours Chair Covers & Sashes
Linens – Napa Valley Linens

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