A Q&A With Grapes of Rock Headliner Bret Michaels


You don't need nothin' but a good time at the party rock event of the year! Join Bret Michaels, Pop Rocks, 15+ of Sonoma's finest wineries, 5 craft breweries, the Snowbomb expo, local food trucks, and 5000 of your best friends for Grapes of Rock, a festival-to-end-all-festivals, all in benefit of the Salvation Army.

Doors open at 11:00 a.m. and close at 6:00 p.m., but in between you experience the best of Bay Area wineries, local craft beer and a food truck village all before you revel in the sounds of multi-platinum artist and former Poison Frontman, Bret Michaels. Join us on the San Francisco waterfront for nothin’ but a good time. Click here for more info.

We picked superstar Bret Michaels brain about his solo career, fave foods, and more!

What's your favorite Bay Area music venue?
I like the Fox Theater, it has been a few years since we have been there.

What's your favorite food truck item?
I like a good old street taco.

What is the biggest difference for you between your solo act and with Poison?
Let me start with what isn’t the difference. My energy and passion are the same. That is the exact same. I never go out there any (differently) when I walk on that stage. I feel blessed and excited at the same time, like, “This is what I live to do.” This is what I love to do. That doesn’t change.

When is your wedding? 
I can’t give an answer on that. This will remain possibly the longest engagement in the history of mankind. I am not trying to break any records but I think I am right on my way of doing it.

Are you an adventurous eater? Anything you wouldn't try?
Unfortunately, being a diabetic my whole life has kept my from being over adventurous, I’m up for trying anything as long as it won’t affect my blood sugar negatively, but even then sometimes you just have to take a chance.  

Lightning round! (Pick one)
Beer or wine?

East Coast or West Coast?
I’m native East Coaster and that’s where my roots are but nothing beats the Midwest desert or the west coast shores.

Cowboy hat or bandana?

Guitar or microphone?

Celebrity Apprentice or Rock of Love?
Celebrity Apprentice

Three words that describe your life right now?
Full, Fast, Exciting

Event Info:

Grapes of Rock, Sunday, November 3, Fort Mason Concert Festival Pavilion
Buy tickets here and click here for additional info.

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