At-Home Sweat Sesh With a SF Barry's Bootcamp Trainer


If you haven't already heard, the celeb-verified Barry's Bootcamp is finally coming to the greatest city of them all (aka San Francisco). Gear up for their grand opening this May by getting “Barry’s ready" with an at home workout created by one of our city's finest Barry’s Bootcamp instructors, Shauna Harrison.

Here are a few tips from Harrison herself:

1. Always be sure to warm up, cool down, and stretch at the end.

2. Pick a cardio that works best for you and you're lifestyle. I personally love to do this routine with a jump rope because it travels and transitions during the workout easily. If you prefer a cardio machine, make sure you have room nearby to complete the other elements of the workout. No equipment? Jumping jacks and high knees work just as well.

3. Get started using the instructions and list of exercises below:
a. 1 min of your choice of cardio and one set of exercise A
b. 1 min of cardio, one set of exercise A, and one set of exercise B (10 each leg)
c. 1 min cardio, one set of exercise A, one set of exercise B, one set of exercise C
d. ETC… (basically you're adding a new exercise rep every time)

4. Note: You don't have to do the whole thing the first time or every time. Go with what your body (and schedule!!) allows. If one minute of cardio is too much, drop it to 45 seconds or even 30 seconds. 

List of Exercises:
A) 20 squats
B) 20 forward lunges
C) 20 side lunges
D) 20 sec wall sit
E) 20 pushups
F) 20 sec plank
G) 20 sec side plank
H) 20 mountain climbers
I) 20 burpees
J) 20 sec bear crawl

If you can master this, you'll be ready to hang when Barry comes to town. We'll be sweating with you in spirit!

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