Are you an NPR junkie? If you answered "yes", you've probably heard one of the fascinating radio pieces by the genius producers of The Kitchen Sisters, who are responsible for the "The Hidden World of Girls" series and "Hidden Kitchens", both poignant looks at two very different incognito sides of life.

If you've ever wondered just how people like Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva of the Peabody-winning Kitchen Sisters mine society for their ear-popping stories, you can find out. They're holding their very own workshop for people from all creative walks of life, like filmmakers, radio producers, newspapers, photography, web design and anyone who has compelling stories to share with the world. It takes place exactly 30 days from now––March 31st––at  Zoetrope Cafe in North Beach.

You'll hone your miking technique skills, learn how to best gather sound, and countless other invaluable tips.  The fee is $115, and snacks from Zoetrope will be there for the munching. RSVP at