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Congratulations, Stephen Curry, you’ve won the internet.

Actually shooting from the three-point line instead of four feet behind it is for mere mortals, anyway.

Curry scored 22 of his game-high 31 points in a dazzling third-quarter display of the Warriors’ 115-101 victory in Game 4 of the Western Conference Playoffs that left the ‘Dubs one win away from advancing to the next round and the entire Bay Area wanting to paint the town yellow.

As well they should.

Just a week ago, long-suffering Warriors fans were smarting from a Game 1 defeat in which they also lost all-star forward David Lee for the remainder of the playoffs to injury.

Three games later, they believe again. Correction, according to rapper and de facto East Bay spokesperson E-40, they “hella” believe again.

The Warriors have won the last three games since the opening defeat and Lee’s devastating injury. Now they sit on the brink of advancing and have three shots to defeat the reeling Denver Nuggets to advance to the next round.

His outrageous shooting display during the third quarter was stuff of playoff legend. Apparently the guy is supposed to have a bum ankle, too.

He finished 10-for-16 from the field and made five three-pointers in the crucial third quarter. According to ESPN, he had to take a pain-killing injection before the game.

“He’s the best shooter I’ve ever played with, hands down,” Andrew Bogut said according to the Warriors’ official Twitter account. “Some of the shots he makes…you just scratch your head.”

Like all amazing athletic feats, it all boils down to complex, scientific athletic explanations. Or it’s just the hair.

“I talked to my team before the playoffs, and my message to them was simple: ‘Keep a fresh cut,’” Warriors coach Mark Jackson told The San Francisco Chronicle's Rusty Simmons. “You want to make sure your haircut looks good, because when we continue to do what we’ve talked about doing, the media room will be filled, articles will be written and people will be talking about you.

“You don’t want to look back on it, like I look back at some of my old playoff moments, and wonder why I didn’t visit the barbershop.”

If that’s the coach’s sage advice, whatever’s going on with Bogut’s hair, he should keep doing it.

Had Curry not stolen the show, it would have been Bogut grabbing headlines nationwide. His respectable 12-point, five-rebound performance doesn’t jump off the proverbial page, but in an instant, he gave the most poster-like playoff instant since Baron Davis smashed Andrei Kirklenko.

Try to watch it less than 10 times. We dare you.  

Game 5 is on Tuesday in Denver. Get your yellow on, everybody.

Tweets rarely affected by regularity of barber-shop visits: @seanswaby

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