From his studio thousands of miles away in Beijing, renowned artist and human-rights activist Ai Weiwei, kept captive by the Chinese government, is masterminding a large-scale exhibition, @Large, on San Francisco’s very own deserted penitentiary of an island, Alcatraz.

Needless to say, a creative of Ai Weiwei’s caliber and the site-specific installations of sculpture, sound, and mixed-media he’s dreaming up don’t come cheap, so the artist and his cohorts (the FOR-SITE Foundation, the National Parks Service, and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy) are earnestly trying to get stacks on deck to fund this epic project, which aims to create provocative perspectives on imprisonment. They’ve got until Thursday morning to meet their $75,000 Kickstarter goal, which means you’ve got exactly 24 hours to contribute some of your hard-earned cheddar to this worthy cause. Just think, when this show makes international headlines, you can say you helped get it off the ground, and in your own way, bought Ai Weiwei a little freedom of expression. Not-too-shabby bragging rights, if you ask us.