Best Bets in Live Music, Outside Lands Hangover Edition


Coconut water, people. Can’t stress that enough. The only other option to cure your Outside Lands hangover is, of course, that old hair of the dog tonic, additional live music. That and a Bloody Mary, and you’ll be fine. Here’s our five-step program to recovery:

Jonathan Richman, Make Out Room, Monday-Thursday
Richman is a legend for many reasons. First and foremost, he was the celebrated lead singer for The Modern Lovers, one of the most important bands in 1970s underground rock ‘n’ roll movement. The band essentially picked up where Velvet Underground left off. Almost as if Richman and Lou Reed were having a conversation between albums, Richman’s sing-talk-sing style was a near-duplicate of Reed’s. But Richman was the literalist where Reed was the provocateur. Whatever seemed to amuse Richman, or whatever was emotionally consuming at the time, that’s how the song went. Forget reading between the lines, and that’s still very much the case today.

Best Coast, The Fillmore, Thursday
On the surface, it seems Bethany Cosentino is the anti-Katy Perry–a silicon-free, three-chord-progressing, production value-averse Valley Girl-hater. But the two SoCal femme fatales actually have more in common than hipster fanboys would like to admit: mainly their lyrical directness, where a thunderstorm is just a thunderstorm, desires aren’t hidden, and wars are waged against heartbreakers in song form. Say what you mean and mean what you say, sayeth Cosentino. Also, opener Bleached is definitely worth getting there early for. Proof:

James Murphy (DJ set), Public Works, Thursday
Murphy has compared his DJ sets to hosting company and serving coffee. Not sure that’s exactly what it’s like on our side when a living legend mans the dials in our backyard club. But the caffeine always helps one keep up with Murphy’s DJ sets. And no, he probably won’t play any LCD Soundsystem songs, but that’s fine. His DJ sets are routinely excellent and refreshing departures for a superstar searching for new ground. And yes, this is me doing reverse psychology hoping that the LCD reunion tour is just around the corner.

Paper Diamond, 1015 Folsom, Friday
This Colorado DJ is in good company on Pretty Lights’ label. Much like Pretty Lights, Paper Diamond’s house tracks come with serious swagger. Prepare to move and bounce and throw fits. The good kind. And this isn’t house music that's only palatable in the club. Listen at work, at home doing the dishes, in the car weaving through traffic. This is the versatile stuff even your parents might understand.

Steely Dan, America's Cup Pavilion, Saturday
Speaking of your parents, you might want to let them know about Steely Dan’s show down on the Embarcadero this weekend. These jazz-rock gods of yesteryear changed the game for a generation hungry for innovative takes on classic rock formats. Donald Fagen and Walter Becker are still ...wait for it...reelin in the years, but they’re gettig up there. See these legends while you can. And pray for this song:

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