Bridal Detox for the Rest of Us


To be honest, detox and cleanse plans are a bit scary to me. Some of them (think lemon juice and cayenne pepper in water) sound more like a recipe for diarrhea or starvation than good health. But when news of the Cook! Wedding Detox crossed my desk, I took notice because it’s more suited to real life (and real health?) than other things I’ve seen.

Cook! is a San Francisco subscription-based meal program that delivers food that is prepped and ready to cook to your door. They also sell gluten- and dairy-free meals at specialty stores such as Whole Foods.

The Wedding Detox plan makes some big promises: They will deliver prepped meals (vegetarian and non veg options) to the to-be-married person’s door (owner Nona Lim says that when you actually prepare the food in your home it tastes better and you have a connection to it) for two weeks. Follow the plan by eating clean, organic meals such as halibut with green beans and lemon or chicken with peaches and nectarines and Lim says you will lose between 5 and 10 pounds, have a tighter stomach and clearer skin for your wedding day.

“The two week plan gets rid of toxins in your body,” says Lim, who put the program together with the help of doctors. “Normally, our bodies would do this on their own, but if you eat a bad diet filled with preservatives and refined sugars, it makes it hard.”

There are a lot of grab-and-go foods in the plan, designed with the bride in mind. “We have either easy to assemble or ready-to-eat meals in this plan,” says Lim. “I know life is hectic when you are planning your wedding.”

The next Wedding Detox programs start on June 10 and July 17. Costs are $355 (three meals, no snacks) or $435 (three meals, two snacks).

Word of warning: It can be rough going at first. “Depending on how accustomed you are to eating healthy, the first days are the toughest,” says Lim. “People can have a headache from caffeine withdrawal, or feel like they are getting a cold. By week two, you should be feeling pretty good.”

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