Bringing War to Food Lovers. One Mini Cupcake at a Time


Tickets for this coming weekend’s SF Food Wars sold out in one hour and 3 minute.

And that's not just because this month’s food war is called the “The Mini Cupcake Clash" and the 170 ticket-holders are the designated eaters. Last month, tickets for Mac and Cheese competition sold out in 20 hours.

And that’s not just because Mac and Cheese is the savory comfort food equivalent to the cup cake.

Food warfare is just plain fun -- whether it’s a high school cafeteria food fight with edible projectiles or an Iron Chef culinary show-down.

Jeannie Choe, who created and runs the monthly events, moved to San Francisco from New York a year ago and “and saw a huge void where community food-offs should've been.”

Is this part of the whole democratization of food/street food trend thing?

“SF Food Wars is not affiliated nor is it meant to be affiliated with any street food vendor, organization, or body of representation,” said Choe, (a designer, photographer and maker of dog treats).  “The event does, however, feature various very cool and talented SF street food vendors in the form of competitors, judges, and attendees. “

“The best part about SF Food Wars,” said Choe, “is the crazy mix of competitors we get. We've had professional chefs, caterers, and Susie homemakers all serving to the masses under the same roof. This makes for a crazy-varied array of eats that guarantees your palate will not die of boredom.”

For instance, in Sunday’s Mini Cupcake Clash, contending recipes include ingredients like curry, beer, sriracha (a.k.a. "cock sauce"), brie, dragonfruit, and bacon.” Lots of bacon this time,” notes Choe.

“We simply want to celebrate and eat food made by home and pro chefs alike. If it's made in a home kitchen, we eat it. If it's made in a commercial kitchen, we eat it. If it's made on the street, we eat it. If it was made in a kitchen or on the street, but fell onto the street, we might not eat it. But if it's really tasty, we might eat it.”

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