Cherry Voodoo Brewing Launching Two New Beers At Rogues Ale Public House


Get your mojo lubricated this Wednesday night. Cherry Voodoo Brewing, one of San Francisco's newest and most extreme craft brewers, is launching two new beers during a meet the brewer event at Rogues Ale Public House. Head Brewmaster Yuri Green is scheduled introduce the new beers, answer questions, give away schwag, and make a special announcement. This event also marks Cherry Voodoo’s six month anniversary; it was during this year’s San Francisco Beer Week that the enfant terrible brewery introduced their flagship beer: the Belgian style California Tripel, aka Mortal Sin in a Glass. 

 Cherry Voodoo’s focus is on high octane and big flavors; all of the five beers in their current lineup have at least 8% ABV and flavor profiles sturdy enough to tote the alcohol load. They’ve even thrown down a stout in the much publicized and picked-tongue-in-cheek competition: The Strongest Beer in the World. While not currently at the top of the heady heap, Cherry Voodoo’s entry, Thermonuclear, boasts a respectably brain addling 32% ABV. By way of comparison, many distilled spirits are around 40% ABV. 

No word yet on what new beers will be poured on Wednesday though the Cherry Voodoo web site shows a hammer next to a bag of coriander seeds so one of the brews may be a Belgian style Wit. Cherry Voodoo’s Pete Brey noted that the new beers are currently limited in production, are designed to complement their existing beers, and that the brewers will make their distribution decisions based on feedback they get from tasting events.

Whatever they’re going to be tapping, since their stated goal is to brew “amazing high ABV craft brew,” don’t come expecting a lite or session beer. Your mojo wouldn’t want it any other way.

Where: Rogue Public House, 673 Union Street, San Francisco 94113
When: Wednesday, July 20 from 7pm to 9pm

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