Clean Shaves: Another Victim of the Economic Crisis


Beards and their slightly-less hirsute brethren, the manly moustache and chin-hugging goatee, are making a comeback, according to a recent story in The Wall Street Journal. But don’t give all the credit to Brad Pitt and George Clooney, both of whom have been spotted donning facial fur in recent weeks. No, as with so many other things these days, the real blame lies with the nation’s flagging economy.

As the number of formerly corporate, recently unemployed desk jockeys rises, so does the number of unshaven mugs. These “tiny luxuries unleashed by unemployment,” as WSJ dubs them, are the physical manifestations of time away from buttoned-up corporate culture, daily routines and office dress codes. Styles can range from professorial to lumberjack-esque, close-trimmed to lamb chops (though we certainly hope this last one doesn’t experience out-of-control popularity.

So look closely at the faces in the coming days and weeks. If it all gets to be too much (never underestimate the buzz kill beard burn has been known to levy on burgeoning relationships), it may be time to introduce said beard to another of life’s tiny luxuries: a hot towel shave at The Barber Lounge.

[Source: Growth Area: Beards on Laid-Off Executives]

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