I love to pack for trips—it’s the unpacking that’s always a big drag. When I returned home from my holiday visit back East, I left my suitcase unzipped for a day. I opened it once to retrieve my toothbrush and toiletries, but closed it right back up. The next day I opened it but realized I had no empty hangers—or room in my closet—for anything new. Santa brought some clothing and accessories but I couldn’t fit them in my crammed closet. What’s a girl to do but take stock and clear out undesirables from her closet?

I read that Goodwill and other thrift stores are bombarded before the holidays by drop-offs (people hoping to unload unwanted items and get tax credit it for it before the year ends). I made a pile to donate to my local thrift shop but still fell short in the hanger department. Plastic hangers are now on my “do-not-buy” list so I’ve sought out ones made from sustainable sources like bamboo. I also found ones made from corn plastic by Earthsaver. Better hangers and more room for clothes in my closet is a win-win.