"Clueless" Gets Reborn As An Interactive Live Show


When I first saw the visionary movie Clueless in theaters with my mom in 1995, I immediately wanted to be Cher. To this day I'm not sure why, but my adoration for her and that lovable gang of overprivileged Beverly Hills teenagers lives on, and I suspect any Gen Y kid would vehemently agree.

Whatever. You can bet I'll be in the front row at the upcoming genius production of AS IF! (Like, A Clueless Performance, Duh) this April at Engine Works in the Mission. It's an interactive live event that recreates the entire house party scene in the Valley when Travis spills beer on Cher's shoes, so expect the creme of the 90s dance jam crop and Pismo Beach disaster-sized tongue-in-cheek drama. The audience will be amidst cast members, singing and quoting the movie along with them, calling cast members on their cellphones and more. The set will be awash in a neon rainbow to recapture the days when MTV actually showed music videos, before Facebook owned our social lives.

To celebrate AS IF!'s launch, there's a party this Saturday, March 12, at Project One Gallery. In full homage to the 90s, Cranberries cover band ("I can't find my Cranberries CD, can I have a hall pass?") Ocean Spray will play, followed by DJ sets by Jock Jams and Boyz IV Men. There will be copious amounts of fuzzy pens, designer imposter perfrume, red carpet photo opportunities and more. If you want to donate to these hard working kids' Kickstarter fund, click here.

Actual performances take place April 8, 9, 10 and 15, 16, 17, all at 8 pm. Engine Works is at 190 Capp Street. Get tickets here!

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