Design Buzz at Her Majesty's Secret Beekeeper


Our colleagues over at Bits + Bites announced last week that the city was soon to get its first apiary supply store, located in the Mission. Her Majesty's Secret Beekeeper has since opened, and aside from the warm feeling we get regarding all the urban beekeeping going around (save the bees!) we're also loving all of the design elements of the store. Luckily for us, shop owner Cameo Wood chronicled her whole process of getting HMSB up and running, including the design and branding aspects. Wood collaborated with artist Kiriko Moth to create the store's Art Nouveau-inspired look, which can be seen in the font of the logo and in other details throughout the space. You can see the creative process play out on the HMSB blog, where logos are tweaked and changed to fit Wood's dream image of the store, down to adding a few gears and bolts to the bee in order to further capture the spirit of the steampunk style by which she was inspired. At the back of the store is a large mural also designed by Moth that continues the Art Nouveau/steampunk look and really anchors the space. You can read all about Wood's process of starting a retail business at the HMSB website; it's both informative and inspirational.

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