Diana Ross hasn’t graced a San Francisco stage since the summer of love, when she performed with at the Venetian Room with The Supremes. For the first time since Nixon was in office, the music superstar is sending her belted-18-number-one-hits-and-sold-100-million-records voice into our stratosphere. 

Diana Ross tutorial: She signed with Motown records in 1961 with The Supremes. They soon became the sound of young America. She went solo in 1970 and has been hammering out hits ever since. She’s Billboard magazine’s Female Entertainer of the Century, a Guinness world record holder, an Academy Award-nominated actor, and she graces two stars on Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame.

Suffice it to say, she’s a legend and she’s playing here. 

September 16. Golden Gate Theater, 1 Taylor Street. Tickets are $55-250 at 888-746-1799 or shnsf.com.