Do You Speak Bonde do Role?


courtesy of Bonde do Role

Bonde do Role
With Lasers
Domino Records

What do you get when you mix the fierce intensity of AC/DC’s anthemic guitar licks with the feral sexuality of booty-shaking Miami Bass? You get Brazil’s quirky Baile punk trio Bonde do Role who take indecipherable, sexually explicit and party-centric Portuguese lyrics–according to translations I’ve read, their songs are just plain naughty– and combine them with thumping, pulsating beats and thrashing metal guitar chords that could have been stolen straight from your hesher older brother’s ’80s record collection. On Bonde do Role’s latest effort With Lasers their seemingly incongruent musical blend is surprisingly cohesive, melding 808 vibrations and tribal percussion with discordant guitar riffs to make a completely genre-defying and party-ready sound. Whether this eccentric threesome is making frenetic tracks like “Gasolina” that fuses bellowing tuba and African-inspired drums and enthusiastic shout-outs to Africa Bambaataa or the Ozzy Osborne-meets-old-school electro of opener “Dança do Zumbi,” their unwavering energy and originality permeates every song, making With Lasers–with all tracks clocking in around three-minutes long–a welcomed feverish and ephemeral sonic experience. Although you might not be able to understand lead singer Marina’s edgy Portuguese slang-laden vocals, you can come partake in the universal language of dance with these sassy Brazilians when they play the Independent on Friday, September 28. By the end of the show, you’ll definitely become fluent in Bonde do Role.

courtesy of Bonde do Role
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