Dream Warriors: Tame Impala @ The Independent Tonight


This past year, the tripped-out trio Tame Impala burst from Down Under with their sparkling, woozy debut LP Innerspeaker (Modular Recordings) and subsequently whipped the music world into a frenzy. They've got a sold out show at the Independent tonight to prove it. Not all hope is lost, though. You can still troll around on Craigslist and scrape together a few tickets for you and your crew. They're out there.

Unfamiliar? Left to incubate their Summer-Of-Love sound (their live bassist is even named Paisley) in the most isolated city in the world, Perth, Australia, Tame Impala conjure visions of the Beatles (if they'd never laid off the LSD) and Love (if they did more LSD). Their music lies dosed in a grassy field somewhere in between. Had this band been born decades ago, they would have been psychedelic warriors with the best of them.

Expect their dreaminess to rub off on you. Cascading harmonic vocals, as in "Desire Be Desire Go", the cool ennui-laden drumbeat blasted by an onslaught of synths in the middle of "I Don't Really Mind"--this stuff will send your mind wandering. For you lucky ticket holders, get ready for an adventure.

Tame Impala, tonight @ the Independent, 628 Divisadero St., (415) 771-1421.

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