I told you I'd be including some design for the outdoors on this blog. Here's installment #2:

I've logged my share of miles on the back of my boyfriend's BMW motorcycle. While German engineering makes for some very smooth rides up and down the coast, around town, it seems like the resurrected 1978 Mean Spirit, custom built by San Francisco-based 1977Mopeds, would kinda sorta force those ladylike Vespas cowering in fear on the side of the road. And if there's one thing I enjoy doing, it's inciting fear. It's to Vespas what the leather-clad T-birds are to the Pink Ladies. The Mean Spirit (how much do you LOVE that name?) is built using Austrian-made Puch E50 engines, which means it's a 64cc bike that goes 55 mph (remember, it's not a motorcyle, it's a moped). Translation: fast times on San Francisco's hilly topography. Get ready to catch some air.