Electronica Beat: Disco Tunes and Island Moods to Dip into This June


There are some seriously radical happenings this June, so get ready to stretch out your nights and dance 'til morning. From the hyped return of Sunset Island to a night of Doo Wop and a farewell to one of SF's longest-running parties, we're all set to launch into an amazing summer. Come out and get down!

All good things must come to an end. In this case, it's the seven-year run of the [KONTROL] party at The End Up. Since 2005, [KONTROL] has brought in hundreds of amazing DJs the world over. Their mission was to bring in obscure minimal techno and serve as the backbone for the scene in a time when this type of night was rare. With too many long nights and early mornings to count under its belt, [KONTROL] has been the monthly party to attend, hands down. Heiko Laux makes a return to headline this time around with a crate of mysterious minimal tunes alongside SF's Pillow Talk. [KONTROL] founders Alland Byallo, Nikola Baytala and Craig Kuna will be tag-teaming behind the decks through dawn. The last dance goes down on June 2. It's free before 11 pm, and $20 after. Get there early, because it will be a packed house for sure.

Sunset Island is one of our favorite summer parties. The crew delivers an amazing afternoon in a picturesque location: Treasure Island. Combining the styles of Sunset's Galen, J Bird and Solar with a beautiful view of the city, this all day disco-picnic romp is sure to be epically layered with positive frequencies. We couldn't be more stoked for the special guests joining them this month, like heavy-hitter Eddie C, the Detroit-Berlin vibes of Magda, and the experimental, deep melodies of UK's BNJMN. Come by car, cab, bus or even boat to the shores of Treasure Island on June 10. Tickets are $5-15.

Dimitri from Paris is coming to Mighty this month. That means he'll be bringing heaps of rare grooves and reworks that made him a standout in France. In the 80s, he dove into production, learning how to masterfully compose and rearrange tunes, giving them that extra bounce and clap. At the drop of the needle, you'll be blasted back to the late 70s with his much-needed disco allure. The scene at Mighty is usually one littered with B-Boys and B-Girls bugging out. Stir in some of the magical dust left over from their Richard Long Associates sound system–which includes speakers that once hung at Paradise Garage and Studio 54–and you get the perfect formula for Dimitri to slam it on the turntables on June 15. Advance tickets are $15 and $20 at the door.

We love the soulful harmonies of Michigan native Mayer Hawthorne and couldn't be happier that he'll be gracing the city with a DJ set steeped in floating melodies and catchy hooks. Last year was big for this soul producer. Just take a listen to "Just Ain't Gonna Work Out" and "Maybe So, Maybe No" to see why. These tracks echo the production of Phil Spector and Barry Gordy, and have built a strong underground following for Hawthorne. On the turntables, he puts years of live production experience and gigs into his DJ set, merging electronica with rich tones and a steady back beat to help you cut loose with lovers and friends alike. With a little disco injected for good measure, he'll deliver the jams on June 16 at Public Works. Presale tickets are $10.

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