Enjoy an Authentic Tobacco Experience Without Any of the Drawbacks


San Francisco has a love/hate relationship with tobacco. Sure, there are things to love about it – the taste, the buzz, the satisfaction of standing with fellow tobacco-lovers outside Dalva between rounds of delicious whiskey cocktails they’re mixing back in The Hideout. Then there are the drawbacks – the ash, the smell, the dirty looks from non-tobacco-lovers standing outside Dalva (who can blame them?). Plus, it can get rather chilly in February and you would probably much rather enjoy yourself indoors. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Tobacco lovers will be delighted to know that SF-based Ploom, Inc. is addressing all of tobacco's drawbacks. With no ash and no secondhand smoke, Ploom's premium vaporizer provides an authentic tobacco experience that you can enjoy where you normally wouldn't be allowed to use plain ol' tobacco. Ploom is all of the things you love about tobacco and none of the things you don’t.

Sleek and stylish, to match any San Franciscan's style, Ploom is a technically advanced, cleaner way to use tobacco. Though similar in nature to an e-cigarette, it offers some pretty important perks. Instead of using e-juice, Ploom delivers vapor by warming a pod that looks like a baby Nespresso capsule to the perfect temperature without ever reaching the point of combustion. With pods like Kick-Ass Mint and Rocket, Ploom pods come in a variety of flavors – but your hair, clothes and smoke will never smell like them. After plooming, all that remains is the satisfaction of a smooth, authentic tobacco experience. Plenty of satisfaction, no more dirty looks.



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