Epic Roasthouse and Waterbar restaurants celebrated their opening with a joint party overflowing with food, drink and merry-makers. Designed by Pat Kuleto (who is also a co-owner of both restaurants), these two massive restaurants sitting on The Embarcadero boast killer views of the bay.

Erin Chun_Jan Wiginton Marybeth LaMotte_Rich LaMotte Angie Silvy_Yvette Beebe
Erin Chun, Jan Wiginton              Marybeth & Rich LaMotte           Angie Silvy, Yvette Beebe

Lissette Arroyo_Paul DeMartini_Mary Dicus Samantha Duvall_Marcel Vigneron
Lissette Arroyo, Paul DeMartini, Mary Dicus                             Samantha Duvall, Marcel Vigneron

Pete Sittnick_Julie Ring_Pat Kuleto Elyssa Thorp_Valentino Fazzari
Pete Sittnick, Julie Ring, Pat Kuleto                                                   Elyssa Thorp, Valentino Fazzari

Jane Echlin_Connie Brinkman_Jami Miskie David Curell_Christine Gaudenzi
Jane Echlin, Connie Brinkman, Jami Miskie                                  David Curell, Christine Gaudenzi