I'd been meaning for some time to get over to Epic Roasthouse to try the cocktails of the illustrious Camber Lay, who made a name for herself at Frisson back in the day. As long as I've known her, Camber has been one of the most inventive bartenders in the city, daringly combining disparate ingredients, playing with things like vinegar and unusual rims.

Her list at Epic is not terribly avant-garde, but then the venue is a good American steakhouse. There are, however, lots of original, creative and delicious drinks on the menu. I enjoyed the Conversos (pictured), a combination of pear-green-tea-infused gin, Lillet Blanc, Chartreuse and lemon juice. Later, I had the Copper Pot, which uses Partida Tequila, Calvados, apple cider, lime and spiced pecan dust. Both were well-balanced, agilely tiptoeing those lines between tart and sweet, fruity and savory, strong and smooth.