You never know what's going to happen in life, which is why everyone should live by the Boy Scout's motto: be prepared. Luckily, the SF SPCA thinks of everything. This weekend, they're hosting a seminar called Estate Planning for You and Your Pet, featuring a panel of experts to help you make tough decisions when you need to.

On Saturday, June 25, learn why estate sale planning, charitable lead and remainder trusts and pet trusts (remember Leona Helmsley and her Matlese Trouble?) are essential, with lectures from attorneys Susanna Poon, Julie K. Kwon, and Veronica Cerruti. You'll get to ask questions, and learn how to prepare for the future of your canine and feline family members.  RSVP here (or call 415-522-3548) by June 24th, because seating is limited.

The seminar starts at 10:30 am and goes until 12 pm at the SF SPCA Training Annex, 243 Alabama Street.