Crab season has arrived loud and clear, and Dungeness this and that are popping up on menus all around town. Starbelly is reaping the ocean's bounty and organizing a family-style Dungeness crab and chardonnay feast next Tuesday, December 7th, from 5-9 pm.

It's limited to 60 lucky people so get in there now while you can. At $56 per person, you can gorge with Chef Adam and winemaker Jim Malone from Terra Savia vineyards on a crab-centric menu that is already making our mouths water.

Here's just an inkling of what they might serve:

Fresh Dungeness crab with drawn butter and remoulade

Soft homemade milk rolls

Caesar salad with avocado and croutons

Potatoes and housemade smoked sausage

Spiced apple cobbler with brown sugar & oat crumble

Triple yum!

Starbelly, 3583 16th St., (415) 252-7500