Five Winter Cocktails to Try Around Town


Though we've hardly earned it this particular winter–how about this weather, huh?–this is traditionally a season for hot toddies, brown liquors, and dark, spicy digestifs. Also, we're in the height of the season for citrus, the varieties and beauty of which other parts of the country never see, and cocktails provide an excellent vehicle for fresh tangerines, Cara Caras, and blood oranges. Below are a few of our recent favorites.

The Devil's Tooth at West of Pecos
Barman Brent Butler is a talented dude with a sophisticated palate, and over the last year, he's redone the drink list at West of Pecos to make it a bar befitting the snootiest of cocktail geeks, and ardent margarita fans alike. Our favorite libation of his on the winter menu is this single-barrel bourbon concoction with fresh tangerine juice, vermouth, vanilla, and bitters. It's tangy, sweet, balanced, and you'll probably want at least two of them.

The Meridian at Blackbird
Apples may be slightly out of season, but when they were at their peak,  bartender Matt Grippo made an apple shrub that's used in this delicious, wintry drink. It features Lunazul Reposado tequila, Amaro Ciociaro, and black walnut bitters. It's a little sweet, a little fruity, and layered with a bit of chocolate, caramel apple, and spice. It's yet another reason why Blackbird has become one of the most interesting cocktail bars in town.

The English Redo '22 at Brasserie S&P
This hybrid of a Pimm's Cup and Blood and Sand from the very clever Priscilla Young features Charbay Blood Orange Vodka paired with freshly squeezed farmer's market blood oranges, as well as Bergamot sour oranges, Eureka lemons, Pimm's No.1, Drambuie 15 year, and Sensei Dried Italian Chili Falernum. It's just the tiniest bit spicy behind all that awesome citrus, and it's probably the most complex drink on this list despite being vodka-based.

The Cojiba Calientita (Warm Blanket) at Azucar Lounge
Here's a hot toddy that's a lovely variation on the age-old form. It's got Lexington bourbon, tamarind, lemon, and house herbs and spices, and it's served warm with the aid of hot water. Perfect for a cold night, of which we've had several between our sunny days.

The Night Moves at Trick Dog
This spin on an Irish coffee gets props for originality. It's a mixture of Black Grouse scotch, cold-brewed chicory coffee, curry, brown sugar, and cream. It's served cold, over ice, and it's far better than the sum of its parts.

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