What’s the latest restaurant menu status symbol?  Fancy, farm-fresh eggs with marigold yolks. Here are a few of the golden ones. 

Shelly’s Farm Fresh Eggs

These girls hang out on a small family farm in Brentwood, diving into a pasture planted with a customized omega-3 chicken forage blend. There aren’t even doors on the coops, so they have access to the fields 24-7. $6 per dozen at the Wednesday Castro Farmers Market; shellysfarmfresh.com

Shady Oak Organic 

Over in Turlock, Lynne Hunt raises about 500 mostly Rhode Island Reds that roam free and dine on flaxseed and kelp. $7 per dozen at the Thursday San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

Riverdog Farm

Buff Orpingtons, Barred Rocks, Red Stars, and Araucanas are moved around in a mobile super coop and are allowed to eat their way through the pastures. $6–$8 per dozen at the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Berkeley Farmers Markets; riverdogfarm.com

Red Hill Farms

From 2,700 white leghorn chickens come organic, pastured eggs gathered on this fourth-generation family farm in Petaluma. $8 per dozen at Molly Stone’s, 2435 California St. (at Fillmore), 415-567-4902; redhillfarms.biz