From Parking to Rent, How the Bay Area Stacks Up to the Rest of the Nation


The nation's been buzzing about the Bay Area for quite some time now, including SF and Oakland in every Buzzfeed-esque listicle, and labeling the cities everything from Most Charming to Worst Parking. Are they right about us? See the various titles the Bay Area has won over the past year, and decide for yourself. 


Most Charming Destination: SF ranked #1 (duh) (

Most Expensive City for Yuppies: SF ranked #1 (duh) (Locality)

Most Bike-Friendly City in the U.S.: SF ranked #1 (Mashable)

Largest Binge Viewer: SF ranked #1 (tied with Dallas) (Comcast Corp.)

The 10 Most Exciting Cities in America: Oakland ranked #1, and SF ranked #3 (Movoto)

America's Best Cities for Hipsters: SF ranked #1 (Travel + Leisure)

Most Expenisve ZIP Codes: Atherton ranked #1 and Los Altos Hills ranked #2 (Forbes)


The 10 Smartest Cities in North America: SF ranked #2, Seattle ranked #1 (Fast Company)

The 10 Best Cities to be an Artist: SF Ranked #3, Atlanta ranked #1 (

The Best Cities for Shopping in the U.S.: SF Ranked #3, New York ranked #1 (Condé Nast)

The 10 Worst U.S. Cities for Parking Your Car: SF Ranked #3, Oakland Ranked #2, Only Chicago beat us out for #1 (Yikes!) (Washington Buisness Journal)

25 Best Place to Visit in the USA: SF Ranked #3, New York ranked #1 (Touropia)

The Top 10 Ballparks in America: SF's AT&T Park Ranked #3, PNC Park in Pittsburg ranked #1 (Tripadvisor)

Most Courteous Drivers: San Francisco Ranked #4, Portland ranked #1 (AutoVantage)

America's 10 Hardest-Working Cities: SF Ranked #6 and San Jose Ranked #5, again Seattle ranked #1 (Forbes)

The Best Cities in America for Dance Music Right Now: SF Ranked #9, Las Vegas ranked #1 (Do Androids Dance?

The 10 Best Cities to Find a Job: San Francisco Ranked #10, Oklahoma City ranked #1 (US News)

Gayest Cities in America, 2013: Oakland Ranked #11, SF Ranked #17, Tacoma, Washington ranked #1 for the gays (WTH?) (

20 Must-See Art Museums in America: SF's MOMA Ranked #11 and The De Young Museum Ranked #18, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York ranked #1 (Fodor's

The 50 Best Cities for Sports Fans: Oakland Ranked #14 and San Francisco Ranked #16, Minneapolis ranked #1 (Men's Fitness

Best Cities for People Under 35: San Jose Ranked #20, Portland ranked #1 (Business Insider

Agree? Disagree? Wish the rest of the world would get over it? Wondering how the hell we got ranked among the most courteous drivers? There's a comments section for all that. 

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