Sunset, represent! Buzz around the outer reaches of the neighborhood has been building this past year, thanks in part to the opening of Outerlands back in March and a consistent stream of quality art shows at hip surfer hangout Mollusk. It's about to reach fever pitch though, thanks to the recently opened General Store.

The small shop features a flawless mix of modern design and laid-back vintage. You'll find a tightly edited collection of thrifted accessories hanging near the back, while porcelain "tin can" containers, retro-style wood radios, books, and a few small art pieces mingle with potted succulents in the front.

The N takes you right to the door (it's just about the last stop), so it's easy as pie to get there. Try stopping by February 12th from 4 to 7 or so, where they'll be unveiling the shop's new garden space, housing a greenhouse art installation created by Jesse Schlesinger. Other shops in the neighborhood will be having art openings as well–a perfect opportunity to make a night of it in the 'Set.