Girls Gone Solo: Three Worthy One-Woman Shows


The city has no shortage of big Broadway-type productions in gorgeous old theaters. But, often it's the indie theater little guys who deserve, want, and need the support of the masses. We're looking forward to these three upcoming solo shows performed by our talented and funny female brethren:

Marilyn Pittman is a great actress. Her one-woman solo performance It's All the Rage impressively balances comedy with tragedy in a compelling and hilarious (yes, hilarious) rendition of murder-suicide.

"I grew up in a funny family. And then my dad shot my mom. And then himself." It may sound morbid but Pittman is relatable, passionate, and will make you laugh out loud, wrinkle your brows perplexed, and tear up, all within 60 minutes. Her performance won Best One-Woman show at New York's Off Broadway United Solo Festival in 2011. The show has been extended through May 27 at The Marsh, go see it (no alcohol served, but feel free to discreetly BYOB, they don't mind). Playing now, $15-35 sliding scale, reserved seats $50, Thursdays at 8 p.m., Saturdays at 8:30 p.m., and Sundays at 8 p.m. 1062 Valencia @ 22nd, (415) 826-5750.

Few would argue that the online social networking obsession has offered a mixed blessing: it paradoxically creates and sustains community while encouraging a viral gathering of superficial relationships. All I Wanted to Say is a performance staged with one live actress (Silvia Girardi, who also directed) and a Milan-based interactive actor recorded on screen. Together, they use Italian and English texts, letters from historical figures, chat room conversations, Twitter and Facebook status updates, and words from Sappho, Rainer Maria Rilke, Dante Alighieri, Bertold Brecht, Theatre of the Absurd to present a reflection on technology’s major role in how, when, and what we say. Tickets $15, one performance only - Tuesday, June 12 at 8 p.m. at the KUNST-STOFF Arts Festival. 1 Grove St @ Hyde, (415) 777-0172.

Take 15 years of pain, angst, and love, and stir together into a one-woman show and you get the heart-wrenching, laugh 'til you pee romantic comedy The Oy of Sex. Named "Best Local Comedian" in 2011 by the East Bay Express, as well as "Best Storyteller" at New York's Off Broadway United Solo Festival in 2010 (among other accolades), Alicia Dattner brings her poignant and riotous take on sex, drugs, sex, dysfunctional family, and more sex to the Exit Theater. Debuts June 15, 156 Eddy St @ Mason,  (415) 673-3847, get $25 tickets here.


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