Handmade Bikes and Artisan Pizza, Oh My!


What if I told you there was a hand-built locally made bicycle show in San Francisco this weekend? Pretty cool. Now what if I mentioned that it also features local artisan pizza? And a coffee truck, photography exhibit and live music? Oh, and that it’s only $10, lasts all day, and that the small entrance fee also includes the pizza! Yup, see you there!

This Sunday is the second annual A Ruota Libera (Italian for “free wheel”) event at Una Pizza Napoletana in SOMA. Put on by chef Anthony Mangieri and local frame-maker Soulcraft, the event celebrates fine, local craftsmanship in all its most important forms: bikes, food and coffee.

Northern California has some of the premier independent hand-made bike companies in the country. From the stylish and simple Hunter steel frames to the flashier Rock Lobster to the sturdy Steelman, our region dominates the industry. And on Sunday, you’ll get a chance to see an amazing collection of these custom frames (and some custom parts and accessories as well) in one place.

So, if you’ve been considering throwing down for a hand-built frame, or you just want to ogle the gorgeous parts, while mowing on delicious pizza and sipping beer and coffee, this is your event. A Ruota Libera lasts from 1-7 pm, so you’ve got plenty of time to go for a ride in the morning and break the news to your current bike that you’ll soon be trading her in for a high-end local ride.

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