Handpick Mix-and-Mingle Dating Events with ScreenDate


There are a ton of dating sites out there, and a million and one ways to handle the single life in San Francisco. That's why it pays to be picky–so you can have the cream of the crop to choose from for your happily-ever-after. That's where ScreenDate comes in. It's a local dating site that gives you the opportunity to meet a group of top notch professional men and women in one night.

They've got a unique peer-driven screening process that lets other applicants check out your profile and cast private votes to match you with fun meet-and-greet events based on age, ethnicity, background, interests and more. The events get upwards of 20 handpicked ladies and 20 handpicked gents to mix and mingle, where you'll spend 3-5 minutes chatting one-on-one with each before moving onto get to know the next. Afterwards, you can get online again and choose who you liked best, and ScreenDate will match you up!

No more spending weeks messaging and poring over scattered online profiles for diamonds in the rough. No more spending hours getting ready for each and every date. Read about their types of events here, and sign up to meet your future mate here.

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