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There is an excellent article on hangovers by Joan Acocella in the May 26 issue of The New Yorker. We all have our methods of getting over one. Greasy burgers or eggs. Milkshakes. Recently, pickle juice was recommended to me. Unfortunately, it didn't help me last weekend, when I was suffering.

That would have been a good time to test out Hangover Buster, which I was sent samples of last week. It dissolves like an Emergen-C in a glass of water, and you take it after alcohol consumption and before you go to bed. I wish I'd remembered it, but I left it at the office. But, if you take it and it works, you still wouldn't know if it prevented a hangover or if you just weren't destined for one in the first place.

As far as my favorite treatments, number one is Vicodin, though I haven't had a prescription for that since my wisdom teeth came out during college. Yet I remember it as being by far the most effective hangover remedy I tried--a half a pill and you fall back asleep for an hour and wake up feeling dandy.

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After that, I do like Vitamin Water or root beer, both of which always seem to soothe a savage headache. I don't know if in the latter the cure is because of the sugar and caffeine or whether it's just the psychological bump proffered by my favorite beverage from childhood. As for the Vitamin water, I look for one of the flavors, like Revive, that sports Vitamin B, which is supposed to combat drinking pain.

If I get into a drinky situation this weekend, I'll report back on the Hangover Buster pills.

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