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American-Graffiti Style Estate Sale in Sonoma

The offerings at an incredible estate sale in Sonoma County this weekend bring to mind George Lucas' iconic film American Graffiti. But make no mistake, these 60s-era finds aren't stage props, they are the real deal from a family that ran a beloved diner-style restaurant for decades in Petaluma.The restaurant was Beasleys, and for 21 years the owners served three squares a day at their historic Wickersham Building establishment in the town where American Graffiti was filmed.

Beasleys closed in 1979, but the family held on to many of the things that filled the restaurant, storing them in their Sonoma home and barn. Starting tomorrow, many of these items will be for sale in an estate sale staged by Susan Gardner, and previewing the goods is like opening a time capsule.

Deal hunters will discover 14 stainless-steel restaurant trestle tables. "These are really wonderful," says Gardner. "They are in great condition and there's a rat, or maybe it's a mouse, in a chef's hat embossed on the side. The small ones seat four and the larger ones seat six." Read more...