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Male Appeal: Furniture for the Young Professional

I was at a holiday party last week  and in attendance were a large number of 20-something males. More than a few asked me what my plans were for the new year and I must admit I  was expecting an eye roll or two when I told them that I'd be blogging for a home and design magazine. Shame on me! Not only did I get a good response and earnest questions of interest, one young professional whipped out his cell phone and showed me an image of a new coffee table that he thought was "the bomb." 

Times must be changing. The 20-something male has a checkered past when it comes to furniture taste (think shapeless black leather couches and recliners with mini-fridge compartments) but the coffee table I was shown was actually pretty cool (see below.) I've also found a few other items that I believe might appeal to this age group in particular and probably most people in general. Read more...