The glorious culmination of every 12-year-old girl's equestrian fantasy (absent only the unicorns), Cavalia is your chance to watch 52 horses trot and gallop and high-step around a paddock the size of a football field. Developed by the same brain behind Cirque du Soleil, Cavalia is a soft-focused multimedia tribute to horses - and the aerialists, acrobats, and dancers who perform with them.

The humans of Cavalia come from as far away as Morocco and Kyrgyztan to ride bareback, trick, and roman (two horses at once) as the horses charge unfettered around the giant paddock. Reins and restraints are rare, and the horses - all male, mostly stallions - are ethereally calm as women twirl on wires above their heads and acrobats use lassos, trampolines, and Chinese poles in their midst. As much about the trust and connection between human and animal, Cavalia is an impressive, multimillion dollar sight.  

Through December 12. 4th St and China Basin St. Tickets are $44.50-239.50 at 866-999-8111 or