How AQ's Bar Manager Uses Anchor Distilling's Hine Rare VSOP in Cocktails


As told by Jason Rager, Bar Manager at AQ Restaurant and Bar:

I was excited to use Anchor Distilling's Hine Rare VSOP in a cocktail. Although typically I would sip her alone, sometimes even an outstanding brandy plays well with others. I wanted to make a drink to help separate the dinner selection from dessert on our a la carte menu. The jasmine notes from the Hine really sets the tone on the nose of the drink, removing the savory smells you've enjoyed during your meal. I chose Bonal as the principal modifier, as it makes a fantastic digestif. It is known in France as “ouvre l’appétit,” or the key to the appetite. We're running a fabulous rice pudding dish on the dessert menu, and I feel both Abano and Nocino enhance the grains in it. Using both an amaro and a fortified bitter like Bonal made sure there would be room left for the guest to enjoy one more plate. When the palate tastes bitterness, the body feels that it may be poison, and acts in response. You salivate, your digestion begins working double time, and you quickly make room for a little more food. I don't know about you, but I like my poison with a fine, fine cognac. Cheers!

You Bet Your Ascot
1.5 oz Hine Rare VSOP
.75 oz Bonal
.5 oz Luxardo Amaro Abano
.25 oz Nocino (House Made)

Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass. Stir until 2 oz water is diluted. Strain into a sherry or nosing glass. Flame and discard an orange peel. Drink deeply.

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