Tahoe snow chasers (hello to 6 feet at Squaw Valley!) know the woes of I-80 East (which is reportedly now closed from Gold Run to the NV state-line due to snowy conditions). And apparently, so does the Weather Channel.

I-80 E to Sacramento/Tahoe made their list of the top 10 most congested highways in the country. For all those times you found yourself boxed in by SUVs full of tweens scarfing In-N-Out, or piled up behind people who don't know how to put on chains, San Fransico's favorite escape-route pulled the #5 spot. It's I-95 from New York City to Washington D.C. that reigns #1, however - it's estimated that its 225 miles are the slowest stretch of highway nationwide during the holidays.

We say Tahoe's still a pretty good holiday draw, despite the traffic. Just stock up on those playlists, podcasts and deep breathing rituals. Oh, and learn how to put on chains.