Inside the Instagram-Worthy House of General Store Founder Serena Mitnik-Miller


Casting a sense of warmth—not mere coziness—Serena Mitnik-Miller’s aesthetic comes from careful crafting of personal comforts and emotional fulfillment rather than sheer visual appeal. Though clean and simple, her newly purchased home exudes an undoubtedly artistic vibe that is as charming as General Store, Mitnik-Miller's noted local boutique. Neutral desert tones, intricate patterns, and hints of seaside sunset shades tell stories of adventures outdoors and traveling abroad.

As a curator and purveyor of elegant home goods, Serena Mitnik-Miller's recent work explores repetition of color and linear formations. She's fascinated by “interconnecting patterns of color and concentric shapes where structures break apart, bubbles stack, and pyramids multiply.” With this aesthetic in mind, the curator selects handcrafted goods from local artisans to bring into her General Store as well as her home.

Regarding the curation process, Mitnik-Miller explains, “It's an extension from hiking, surfing and being outdoors, I collect and surround myself with the natural, found and newly crafted.”

Step into her enchanting sanctuary in the gallery above. 

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