Last weekend brought torrential rains to San Francisco, and the busy intersection of 18th and Dolores street seemed among the hardest hit. All the rain from the surrounding hills pooled at the low-lying intersection and created: Dolores River.

So what do you do when you encounter a river? Ride through it! Above is a photo of an unknown bike rider pedaling through the Dolores River, leaving a wake behind the bike.

If you know this super hero bike rider is, let me know. I’d love to pin a medal on that rear fender, which seems to be doing a pretty decent job keeping the waves off the rider’s back.

Here are a few tips for less hard-core wet weather riding:
-    Go slow
-    Watch out for metal grates and tracks, as those are really slippery
-    Don’t ride through puddles; they can be filled with debris that puncture your tire or be deeper than you imagined.
-    Get some basic gear: fender, raincoat, and pants.
-    Put your bike lights on—even in the day.
-    Have fun!