It's Possible, Folks: The Perfect Jeans


Few things in life are perfect. But most of us, at least once in our lives, have happened upon the perfect pair of jeans. When it happens, it’s a beautiful thing.  But let's be honest, it never happens. 

After today, though, we’re wondering whether perfect denim – the kind that fits just right without tailoring and comes in exactly the silhouette we’ve been looking for – might just be easily attainable. We visited the new IndiDenim Design Studio for a body scan session. Since its launch in late 2007, the Emeryville-based company has offered custom-fit jeans for men and women using an online ordering process that allows customers to select the silhouette, wash and leg width they prefer, enter their own measurements and embellish each pair with such details as distressed hems, embroidered pockets and personal monograms.

In recent weeks, the company has enhanced its offerings with an Intellifit body scanner that uses radio wave technology to capture head-to-toe body measurements in about 10 seconds. With scanned measurements in hand, customers may then peruse the sample rack to figure out which wash, style and embellishments they’d prefer. Orders can be placed during the appointment or online afterwards.

Jeans are ready in about four to six weeks. And since the body scanner is still in its beta testing stage, indiDenim is currently knocking 30 percent off the price of each pair as a thank-you to those who pick their finished jeans up in person and provide feedback on the fit. The base price for women's jeans is $135, and some special details cost $5-$10 extra.

IndiDenim, 5515 Doyle St., Suite #15, Emeryville, CA (877) 251-0359,

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