Who makes San Francisco's nightlife scene go 'round? The wide, wild world of industry workers, that's who. It's time for the barworkers of the Bay Area to unite! Celebrate your status as nightlife mavens at the 2013 Barworkers Ball, coming up on February 19th at Cafe du Nord. DJs, dancers, bartenders, bouncers, busboys, barbacks, wait staff, promoters, chefs and more will light up the night together–and you're invited to come by and salute them!

Enjoy drinks (not to mention complimentary specialty drinks and sponsored beer 830-930 pm!), awesome DJ sets by some of the SF's best turntable masters, delicious bites, spirits samples, and challenges of brain and brawn. This night's got something for everyone!

It's $5 for non-industry workers (more info on that here), but if you are an industry worker, click here to register for the event for free. Just remember to prove your industry worker as a status by bringing along a tool of trade to the door as entry (wine keys, bottle openers, claim checks, etc.).

Cafe du Nord, 2174 Market Street, San Francisco